Our Purpose

To promote and organize a supportive and fun fitness community accessible to anyone regardless of age, skill level, fitness level and financial ability.

To develop a community of people that will motivate and encourage each other to improve their health and wellness in a positive environment.


To kick start a physically active and healthy community by providing both solo and group based workouts with an emphasis on inclusivity and fun.

A Brief History

A Brief History

  • Founded April 2015

    MetamorepHIIT was the brain child of Josh Froese, Jan Manuel, Erin Harvilla and Valirie Peligrino. It started as an idea - a group of friends working out together, getting some fresh air and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

  • First Challenge October 2015

    October was the introduction of the first ever metamorechallenge! Participants could choose to sign up for a small fee, participate in extra bootcamps and win some wicked prizes!

  • Started Growing May 2016

    Slowly but surely, more people started coming out to bootcamp, mainly friends and co-workers, they chose to stick around - many becoming regulars that frequent bootcamp to this day!

  • Biggest Bootcamp Yet July 2016

    Having attracted more than 400 individuals over the course of two years, our biggest bootcamp to date had over 55 members

    on a single Tuesday night!

  • Non-Profit Society December 2016

    MetamorepHIIT gets a name change! Introducing: MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society! This fitness initiative has certainly taken off! And guess what, we have no plans to stop - so be sure to bring your buddies!

Board of Directors

Vice President Jan Karlo Manuel

Jan Karlo Manuel - Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur and former Coquitlam Lifeguard. Jan was born in the Philippines and moved to Coquitlam in 1998. He grew up playing basketball and began his personal fitness lifestyle very young. He has personally discovered the positive power of peer pressure, especially in the group fitness setting, where he prefers to push his body and compete with his peers. In the summer of  2014 he started doing free outdoor

bootcamps by himself to bring like minded people together and help them lose weight. A year later he partnered with the founders of the Tuesday night "experience" that would go on to become ‘metamorepHIIT’. He believes everyone should be fit to live life to the fullest and he strives to be an example for the community.

President Joshua Froese

Joshua Froese works as a Lifeguard for the City of Coquitlam. Outside of work, he enjoys playing rugby, going to the gym and watching his daughter kick butt in her martial art’s classes! He attended Douglas College where he studied health and social sciences. He has extensive experience working with all types of people through volunteering with the City of Coquitlam and fitness events such as the Trio Sport Event. After being exposed to positive and team

oriented environments, Joshua and his friends set off to create their own initiative where they could mentor and share their knowledge of fitness. Currently, Joshua is studying to become a certified personal trainer and soon wishes to explore the world of business.

Treasurer Erin Harvilla

Erin Harvilla developed a love for sport and fitness at a very young age. Throughout school, she was always involved in a variety of team sports such as; dance, soccer, basketball, competitive cheerleading, volleyball as well as track and field. Erin attended West Hills College in Lemoore, CA and Douglas College in Coquitlam, BC where she studied Health Sciences for four years. Currently, Erin holds a position as a server at the Grand Villa Casino. With

Secretary Steven Hughes

Steve Hughes is a Coquitlam boy, motorcycle enthusiast, wine snob and Grouse Grind Addict. Although a very active child, he got hooked on video games as a teen, and paired with a less-than-optimal diet, suffered through some serious health problems – including being diagnosed with Chron's disease at the age of 25. Now 26, he's got his health back on track and works full-time as an Electrician. He's come on board with MetamorepHIIT to keep himself

five years of customer service under her belt, connecting with others is her specialty. When she’s not instructing bootcamp or waitressing, you can find her playing with her 3-year-old daughter, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or going for hikes with her family. Erin strongly believes a fit and healthy lifestyle is achievable for anyone!

accountable, promote fun exercise for all ages, and encourage mindful decisions about food & what we use to fuel our bodies.

Membership Director Valirie Peligrino

Valirie Peligrino is one of the four founding members of the MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society. She is a full-time martial arts instructor at Excel Martial Arts, Coquitlam and has been training since the age of 7. She has experience working with a wide variety of age groups and fitness levels and always knows how to keep people energized and motivated during bootcamp.

Creative Director Jesika Kula

Jesika Kula is a full-time student studying Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. She also works as a lifeguard and lifesaving instructor with the City of Coquitlam and City of Surrey. In her free time, Jesika enjoy's going on hikes, dabbling in the arts and learning new things. She has been involved with the MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society for nearly a year and just recently assumed the position of Creative

 Director - taking charge of creative branding, social media and more.

Director at Large Luc de Gruchy

Luc de Gruchy has been involved with the growth and building of the MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society for over a year and a half. He’s 28 years old and works full time as a painter. When he’s not painting, he focuses his time and energy on working out and building his side business. He strongly believes in what MetamorepHIIT stands for and he would love to see it continue to grow and help others.

Director at Large Connor Sookarow

Connor Sookarow has been a loyal member of MetamorepHIIT since the beginning – he met Founder and President Josh in high school rugby and decided to give it a try. Connor is currently an apprentice carpenter working downtown Vancouver.  He’s a hockey fan, having played for 12 years and coached for 4 with the Coquitlam Minor Hockey Association. He’s also worked for 5 years with the Adult Safe Hockey Association. In his free time, you can find Connor in the

outdoors – weather that be hiking, tenting or riding dirt bikes through the mountains.