Luisangelica Manzano

Membership Director

Strategist, lean six sigma professional, continuous improvement guru, language enthusiast, and music creator. I am fascinated by the intersection between tech, business and life. Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to business challenges both motivate and drive me. Observation, inspiration, and determination are my foundation for success. My philosophy is that introducing fresh perspectives and new techniques allow businesses to evolve and grow.

I also love helping people lose weight, get fit and feel good about themselves! I know how hard it is to make time for exercise when you’re busy with work, family or school. You’ll be able to work out alongside people who are just as passionate about health and fitness. You’ll get a chance to learn new techniques that can help improve your life. There’s no judgement here; we’re all on the same team, working towards the same goal of being healthier together!


Vice President

Learning andexpanding his knowledge of health and fitness has geen a life long journey of Amit’s. Whether it be a morning jog, or hot yoga, being healthy is not something you do, but a way of life.

Recognizing physical and mental health are very much interconnected, amit makes both a priority in his life. 

MetamorepHIIT allows Admit to share some of what has worked for him in a welcoming, non judgmental environment. it’s a supportive space, and a lot of fun, which makes the perfect environment to learn and grow!

Shaya J.


Shaya currently works as a Youth Support Worker and Family Counsellor. In her free time, she enjoys going on hikes, working out, spending time with her 6 year old Westie, and seeing friends/family. 

Shaya joined MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society in September of 2021. Through this experience, Shayla has met great people, who have become like a family to her. Nothing beats being around great people and working out together. 

Linda Miller


Linda Miller is 26 years old and grew up in PortMoody. She joined MetamorepHIIT in 2020. Linda enjoys coming to the weekly bootcamp as it is a fun and playful outlet that promotes fitness.

Linda has enjoyed being active from a young age through weight training, yoga, and walking her dogs. Linda received her Batchelor’s Degree in Therapeutic Recreation and is applying for her Masters of Counselling. Linda is an Active member of the community as she supports at-risk families and volunteers avidly.

Emily Poirier

Director of Risk

Emily has had a life long passion for fitness. She started playing sports from a young age and has always loved being a part of a team and a greater fitness community. Emily can be found playing soccer, softball, running or doing HIIT. 

In addition to sports and fitness Emily is passionate about mental health. She holds her masters of counselling psychology and works as a youth counsellor and young adult clinical counsellor. 

Josh Froese


Josh believes that health and fitness is a way of life: that’s why he founded MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society in 2015. Josh enjoys developing his leadership skills, while motivating and inspiring others. Josh works as a Skytrain Attendant and helps others navigate the city while promoting public tranist. Some of his favorite activities include running, snowboarding, rugby, rock climbing, water sports, and weight training.

Sharing his passion for fitness with his family and friends is his highest priority, and MetamorepHIIT makes that passion a possibility for him! 

Valirie Peligrino

Director at Large

I’m a director at large for MetamorepHIIT Fitness Society, I own and run a martial arts studio. I like camping, hiking, working out and hanging out with friends.

I like camping, hiking, working out and hanging out with friends. I am one of the founding members of MetamorepHIIT and you will see me taking pictures and supporting my friends at boot camp. I started martial arts when I was 14, and have been training in different types of martial arts ever since. I love the feeling of being able to protect myself, but also just enjoy working out and learning new skills.

Kyle Scott

Director at Large

This is an example of a directors bio that says something about what they are about and what they do for the society. 

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